Thursday, February 12, 2009

12/2/09 - English

As preparations begin for Sabeel’s International Young Adult Conference that will be held from July 22 to August 2, we pray that many young adults from around the world will be able to attend. We pray that their home communities will make it possible for them to visit Palestine and Israel. We also remember the conference planners as they try to put together a program that educates and equips the participants to work for a just peace.

We pray for the ecumenical group of clergy gathering this Friday in Bethlehem. May their time together help strengthen the ties between the different Palestinian Christian denominations and provide inspiration for communities living under occupation.

This week, we pray for the residents of Jerusalem who are finding it increasingly difficult to live in the city. In the past week there has been a surge of housing demolitions leading up to the Israeli election. Additionally, international peace, aid, and development workers have recently faced unprecedented difficulty in obtaining visas necessary to working in the region. We ask that God will ease the pressures that are being placed on both local and international families.

We pray for the victims of the wildfires in Australia. We pray for comfort for the families of the nearly 200 people who have died and for God’s mercies upon the 900 families who are now homeless. We ask that the fires be brought under control before more people are injured.

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