Thursday, July 26, 2012

26/7/12 - English

We pray that the instability within the Israeli political parties and the undecidedness within the Palestinian political system will end in wise decisions that will further peace efforts and lead Israel-Palestine from death to life, from falsehood to truth, from despair to hope, from fear to trust, from hatred to love, and from war to peace. Lord in your mercy...

We pray that God hear the cry for mercy of the Syrian people and in God's faithfulness and righteousness come to their relief (Ps 143:1). We pray that the Syrian people are imbued with the wisdom and courage to seek peace and justice and pursue them (Deut 16:20, Ps. 34:14). We pray for the forbearance of those countries which border Syria that there are no escalations of violence or impingement on the sovereignty of the Syrian people. Lord in your mercy...

We praise God for the upcoming series of Sabeel young women's gatherings. May the sisterhood and solidarity among the young women of Sabeel be a testimony to the strength and beauty of Christ-centered friendship. Lord in your mercy...
We rejoice that the Palestinian flag will be raised and five Palestinian athletes will participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London; their persistent excellence in the face of significant obstacles to their dreams serves as a model to all young Palestinians. We pray for all athletes in Palestine and especially the continued recovery of football player Mahmoud Sarsak who was released from a three year prison detention without charge after a three month hunger strike. May the games be a safe and joyous time which inspire and unify participants and spectators alike. Lord in your mercy...

With the World Council of Churches we pray for the churches and residents of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico. Lord in your mercy...

Japanese 26/7/2012


26/7/12 - Français

Lord of Every Season: We praise You for the faithful witness of our Muslim friends and neighbors during the holy month of Ramadan. We pray for their wellbeing as they cope with the high heat of the summer, power outages (especially in Gaza), rising food prices, and increased waiting time and harassment at the checkpoints. Be with them as they deepen their devotions to You, in fasting and eating, in work and rest, in prayer and hospitality. Lord in your mercy.  

Lord of Every Season: We pray for all of those in China and North Korea who have been impacted by the chaos of heavy rains and flooding. Tens of thousands have lost their homes, hundreds have died or been injured, inestimably precious agricultural land and animals have been destroyed. We cannot know what will happen tomorrow; our lives are but a mist and soon to dissipate; but you Lord are our eternal refuge (Jas 4:14, Ps. 90, 91). Lord in your mercy. 

Lord of Every Season: We mourn the death of Hasan Badee' Omar, 46, who was killed at al-Zaayyem checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem on his way to work. The checkpoint was highly congested that morning. Fearing that any delay might cause him and his 12 companions to be fired, Omar attempted to turn his vehicle back toward another route.  That is when, without warning, Israeli soldiers opened fire on his vehicle. We pray for Omar's family and friends during this horrendous ordeal, for the two other men who were injured in the shooting, for all who pass through checkpoints for work, prayer, medical appointments, and to visit friends and family, and for Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel volunteers who faithfully monitor many checkpoints. Lord in your mercy. 

Lord of Every Season: We lift up Palestinian college students and especially the students of Birzeit University. They pursue learning that they may better themselves and improve the lives of all Palestinians. Yet recent news of steep increases in tuition has turned a well deserved summer of rest and play into an occasion for worry and protest. We stand with them in their endeavors to secure an affordable education. Lord in your mercy. 

Lord of Every Season: With the World Council of Churches we pray for the churches and residents of The Caribbean. Lord in your mercy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

19/712 - English

We pray that justice and mercy may prevail for the Palestinian residents of Susya in the south Hebron hills whose homes may soon be razed for a sixth time. In the course of decades of harrasment from Israel’s High Court, the IDF and local settlers, caves, wells, and cisterns have been destroyed, animals have been killed, residents (including defenseless women sheparding in nearby fields) have been attacked and beaten. Yet Susya lives on. Their steadfastness is a witness and testimony to all who have the privilege to know their story. May we who stand in solidarity and those who threaten to tear down their tents be convicted by it.

We lift up the Kairos Palestine youth meeting in Ramallah on Friday. May the earnestness, youthful energy, righteous anger, and hope of all young people in Israel-Palestine help bring about those Kairos moments when mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other; Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven (Ps 85:10-11).

We rejoice in culmination of Sabeel’s 7th Annual International Young Adult Conference. We came to Jerusalem- the city that kills the prophets (Lk 13:34)- as strangers and left as friends, comrades, and community. We pray in gratitude for the ministries of all of our hosts and speakers and pray for the discerning hearts of our participants as they return to their home communities.

We pray in gratitude for the energy, solidarity, and talents of all current and past Sabeel volunteers. We especially lift up our most recent Sabeel Jerusalem volunteers, Nadine Bitar, Kristen Brown, Sarah Thompson, and Eda Uca-Dorn. May God bless them as they move onto other endeavors.

With the World Council of Churches we pray for the churches and residents of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Japanese 19/7/2012


Thursday, July 12, 2012

12/7/12 - English

With the summer holidays underway, we pray for the Palestinian children who seek to fill their time.  We pray for meaningful and safe encounters for children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and for those who take care of the children.  We especially pray for the child prisoners who are arrested and imprisoned under harsh conditions and sometimes under false pretenses and are not able to be with their families and participate in community life.  Lord in your mercy…

As summer heats continue to soar in many parts of the world, we pray for those who have lost homes and lives due to devastating fires, especially in Colorado.  We pray for families of the 170 people whose lives were lost due to torrential floods in southern Russia.  As people everywhere put their lives back in order after natural disasters, we pray for your grace and dignity for all humanity.  Lord in your mercy…

We pray for Naim Ateek’s six month sabbatical in the United States. We pray for rest, for joyful times with family, and for clarity as he writes his next book.  We pray for the Sabeel offices in his absence, and give gratitude for Cedar Duaybis who will step in as interim Executive Director.  Lord in your mercy…

The youth conference continues. We are grateful for the way the group has bonded.  We pray for the rest of their trip, as the itinerary is filled with intense engagements with speakers, locations and encounters with local people. Lord in your mercy…

With the World Council of Churches, we specifically pray for the churches and population of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Lord in your mercy…

Japanese 12/7/2012


Thursday, July 5, 2012

5/7/12 - English

We pray for the 800 commissioners to the 220th General Assembly of Presbyterian Church USA who are currently meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to discuss, among other things, a resolution to dissolve PCUSA’s relationship with companies that directly benefit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. We pray the outcome of the debate brings us step closer to justice and peace.  Lord in your mercy…

We rejoice that—for the first time in a long time—the Christian clergy and wives from the West Bank will be able to join clergy and their wives who are Palestinian citizens of Israel for a trip near Haifa on July 9th. Together, the group will have some time of reflection, visit the depopulated Palestinian village of Ein Hod, and engage in ecumenical conversation.  We pray for a wonderful time of conversation and spiritual refreshment. Lord in your mercy…

We pray for the Birzeit Convention in California this weekend. Both FOSNA Program Coordinator Don Wagner and Sabeel director Naim Ateek will speak. We are grateful for the way that the Birzeit Convention gathers Palestinians in the diaspora to recognize and strengthen their connection to the Palestine town of Birzeit, and the whole region. Lord in your mercy…

We are grateful for the beginning of Sabeel’s 7th Young Adult conference hosted by Sabeel Jerusalem. We pray for a safe and meaningful experience for all 30 participants, staff, and the many people they will encounter throughout the journey.  We also give thanks for the ongoing youth programs of Sabeel Nazareth, as they are having a meeting and a visit to a Special Education Foundation this weekend. Lord in your mercy…

With the World Council of Churches, we specifically pray for the churches and population of Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. Lord in your mercy…

Japanese 5/7/2012