Thursday, September 26, 2013

26/9/13 - English

While Palestinian children return to school, we are aware of a deeply upsetting change in the curriculum of at least five schools in East Jerusalem. The Israeli municipality has offered incentives—an extra 2,000 shekels per student—to schools in East Jerusalem which will switch the Palestinian curriculum to the Israeli curriculum. The Israeli curriculum whitewashes over the history of Palestinian culture and struggle, depicts the state of Israel as including the West Bank, and labels Jerusalem the capital of Israel despite international consensus that East Jerusalem is under occupation. Lord, we wish to lift these concerns up to you: that this represents the loss of the Palestinian narrative in these schools, and that students will receive only the Israeli side of the story. Lord in your mercy…

Jerusalem—house demolitions, etc.

Gaza and Egypt—students from Gaza no longer allowed to attend classes in Egypt

World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel—services and programs around Jerusalem (Rev. John Calhoun asked if we would mention it)

World Council of Churches: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

Japanese 26/9/2013


Thursday, September 19, 2013

19/9/13 - English

Lord, we praise you and offer prayers of thanksgiving for the avoidance of an attack in Syria and the possibility for a diplomatic solution. We pray that the deal to destroy chemical weapon stocks in Syria will be the beginning of a peaceful end to this horrific civil war, and that this marks the beginning of disarmament of the entire Middle East. Lord in your mercy…

Gracious God, this week we wish to remember the thousands of Palestinian refugees massacred at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut thirty-one years ago. Even decades later, Palestinian refugees continue to face dire circumstances and desperately need a political solution based on international law. Lord, we pray for your protection for all refugees in the Middle East: Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, and other displaced groups. Lord in your mercy…

 The World Health Organization estimates that more than one-third of women around the world will experience some form of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime, and recent events in India and Yemen highlight the urgency of this issue.  Lord, as women across the globe face discrimination and violence, we pray for legal and societal changes which will curb the tide of violence against women. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we ask for your hand to guide Sabeel’s programs this week, including the Clergy Wives Retreat on Thursday and Friday, and the Ecumenical Prayer Service for peace in Syria and the Middle East on Friday. Please grant us the clarity to finish preparations for these events, and let us embody your peace and love in all we do. Lord in your mercy…

God, we also pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. Lord in your mercy…

Japanese 19/9/2013


Thursday, September 12, 2013

12/9/13 - English

God of Mercy, we continue to lift the Syrian people up to you. The capture of the Christian village of Maaloula is of particular concern as we fear the loss of an ancient community of believers. Lord, give strength, courage, and peace to your people and allow the people of Maaloula to be a witness of your great power and love. We also pray for wisdom for world leaders and courage for citizens around the world to stand against violence and military action. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we wish to remember the people of Iraq who have been experiencing increasing levels of violence in the past months, culminating in several car bombs in Baghdad and the murder of sixteen members of the same family last week. Merciful God, we see the deep fractures in this society and the intense pain caused when neighbor rises up against neighbor. We pray that your love and peace would prevail, that your presence would unite the people of Iraq in mutual understanding, and that the bloodshed would come to an end. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we cannot ignore the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, especially as Egypt has recently worked to destroy tunnels used to bring necessary supplies into the Strip. With the Rafah crossing only open a few hours a day, Egypt building a “buffer zone” on the border, and the cessation of fuel imports from Egypt, the people of Gaza are certainly experiencing the most isolating and desperate situation since the blockade began in 2007. Lord, hear your people’s cries for freedom and let your justice roll down like a mighty river. Please give the people of Gaza some measure of practical comfort, though we ultimately continue to pray for freedom from oppression and occupation. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we offer congratulations to our Jewish neighbors during their holidays. We wish to pray, however, that our Jewish friends become aware of the suffering of the Palestinian people at the bidding of the Israeli government, and that they work toward changing those policies. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Lord in your mercy…

Japanese 12/9/2013


Thursday, September 5, 2013

5/9/13 - English

Gracious God, we ask that you guide and protect the children of Palestine as they begin a new school year. More than one million Palestinian children returned to their classrooms this past week, but what should be an exciting time of new beginnings for these children is inevitably tarnished by ongoing worries and complications stemming from the occupation. Lord, we pray that Palestine’s most vulnerable population is able to learn, create, and play in an atmosphere of safety, and that they no longer have to suffer through checkpoints, face the Separation Barrier, and endure settler threats and violence just to seek an education. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, it is also a time of great uncertainty and tragedy for many people across the Middle East. In the wake of the latest alleged chemical attack which took the lives of nearly 1,500 people, we wish to pray especially for the people of Syria, remembering the more than 100,000 killed and the 6.2 million displaced by the horrific civil war. At this time of upheaval, many countries surrounding Syria fear for the security and the stability of their nations; Merciful God, hear our people’s cries for safety, justice, and peace. Lord, also give wisdom and restraint to world leaders that they will not respond to this recent tragedy with warfare and instead will seek the path of non-violence. We pray, God, for a political solution that will stabilize this war-torn country and the entire Middle East. Lord in your mercy…

Gracious God, we lift the Egyptian people up to you. In the midst of turmoil and violence, we beg you to be the light that shines in the darkness and reveal your way of peace and reconciliation. Lord, we pray that you would provide a way forward which honors the dignity of all and brings a peaceable political solution and end to the conflict. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, the end of summer marks a time when we begin anew with plans and projects; this means the return of Sabeel staff from holiday, and the arrival of four new staff members beginning their ministry with Sabeel Jerusalem/Nazareth. We pray that their transition goes smoothly, that grace will abound as they learn new responsibilities, and that they fulfill their tasks knowing the fullness of your presence. Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we also pray for the Clergy Program on September 6th in the Galilee and for all of our staff as they focus much of their energy on preparations for the 9th International Conference later this year (November 19-25). Lord in your mercy…

God, we pray along with the World Council of Churches for the countries of Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. Lord in your mercy...

To our local partners in prayer, we wish to announce that our weekly Communion service will recommence this week on Thursday, September 5. The service begins at noon and is open to anyone in the community who wishes to join us in praying for our neighbourhoods and the world.

5/9/13 - Français

Dieu de bonté, nous te prions de guider et de protéger les enfants de Palestine qui commencent une nouvelle année scolaire. Plus d’un million d’enfants palestiniens ont retrouvé leurs salles de classe la semaine passée, mais ce qui devrait être un temps joyeux de nouveaux commencements pour ces enfants est inévitablement terni par les inquiétudes persistantes et les complications qu’engendre l’occupation. Seigneur nous te prions pour que la population la plus vulnérable de Palestine puisse apprendre, créer et jouer dans un climat de sécurité et pour qu’elle n’ait pas à souffrir plus longtemps au passage des points de contrôle, devant le Mur de Séparation, ni à supporter les menaces et la violence des colons mais simplement à recevoir un enseignement. Seigneur, dans ta miséricorde, entends notre prière.

Seigneur, c’est aussi un temps de grande incertitude et de tragédie pour beaucoup de gens au Moyen Orient. Après l’annonce de la dernière attaque chimique qui a causé la mort de près de 1.500 personnes, nous voulons te prier spécialement pour le peuple de Syrie, dans le souvenir des plus de 100.000 tués et des 6,2 millions de personnes déplacées par cette guerre civile horrible. En ce temps de bouleversement, beaucoup des pays qui entourent la Syrie craignent pour la sécurité et la stabilité de leurs nations ; Dieu de pitié, entends les appels de nos peuples pour la sécurité, la justice et la paix. Seigneur, donne aussi sagesse et modération aux dirigeants du monde pour qu’ils ne répondent pas à cette récente tragédie par la guerre mais qu’ils cherchent plutôt le chemin de la non-violence. Nous te prions, Ô Dieu, pour une solution politique qui stabilise ce pays déchiré par la guerre ainsi que tout le Moyen Orient. Seigneur, dans ta miséricorde, entends notre prière.

Dieu de bonté, nous te prions pour le peuple égyptien. Au milieu des troubles et de la violence, nous te prions d’être la lumière qui brille dans les ténèbres afin de faire découvrir ton chemin de paix et de réconciliation. Seigneur, nous te prions d’apporter une solution d’avenir qui respecte la dignité de tous, une solution politique pacifique qui mette fin au conflit. Seigneur, dans ta miséricorde, entends notre prière.

Seigneur, la fin de l’été ouvre le temps où nous recommençons à faire des plans et des projets ; cela veut dire le retour de vacances de l’équipe de Sabeel et l’arrivée dans cette équipe de nouveaux membres qui vont commencer leur mission avec Sabeel Jérusalem/Nazareth. Nous te prions pour que leur passage de relais se fasse sans difficultés, pour que ta grâce ne leur soit pas comptée au moment où ils s’initient à leurs nouvelles responsabilités, et pour qu’ils accomplissent leur travail en ayant conscience de l’intensité de ta présence. Seigneur, dans ta miséricorde, entends notre prière.

Seigneur, nous te prions aussi pour le programme à l’intention du clergé le 6 septembre en Galilée et pour toute notre équipe qui consacre une grande part de son énergie à la préparation de la 9ème Conférence Internationale du 19 au 25 novembre prochain. Seigneur, dans ta miséricorde, entends notre prière.

Seigneur, nous te prions en union avec le Conseil Œcuménique des Églises pour la Répubique Tchèque, la Pologne et la Slovaquie. Seigneur, dans ta miséricorde, entends notre prière.

Japanese 5/9/2013