Thursday, September 26, 2013

26/9/13 - English

While Palestinian children return to school, we are aware of a deeply upsetting change in the curriculum of at least five schools in East Jerusalem. The Israeli municipality has offered incentives—an extra 2,000 shekels per student—to schools in East Jerusalem which will switch the Palestinian curriculum to the Israeli curriculum. The Israeli curriculum whitewashes over the history of Palestinian culture and struggle, depicts the state of Israel as including the West Bank, and labels Jerusalem the capital of Israel despite international consensus that East Jerusalem is under occupation. Lord, we wish to lift these concerns up to you: that this represents the loss of the Palestinian narrative in these schools, and that students will receive only the Israeli side of the story. Lord in your mercy…

Jerusalem—house demolitions, etc.

Gaza and Egypt—students from Gaza no longer allowed to attend classes in Egypt

World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel—services and programs around Jerusalem (Rev. John Calhoun asked if we would mention it)

World Council of Churches: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

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