Thursday, May 28, 2009

28/5/09 - English

As Israel moves closer to banning commemorations of the Palestinian Nakba, we pray that God will stop this unjust law from coming into effect. This and a law requiring a loyalty oath of all citizens are the latest measures facing the Arab population of Israel.  May the day come soon when discrimination is replaced with equity and respect.

President Obama is currently preparing to address the Arab world on June 4 in Cairo. We pray that whatever Middle East policy he articulates will be solidly rooted in a commitment to justice. It is our prayer that he will listen to wise advisors and have the courage to make the difficult changes that are necessary for peace.

Next Thursday the World Council of Churches “World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel” begins. We are thankful for the worldwide community spanning more than 38 countries that will join together in prayer, education, and advocacy in the cause of justice.  

This Pentecost, we remember how the way of eternal life began in Jerusalem and spread throughout the world to all people through the sending of the Holy Spirit. We pray for closer understanding and unity among the different members of the one church, so that we can better bring about Christ’s vision of the Kingdom. 

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