Thursday, June 18, 2009

18/6/09 - English

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on Sunday seemed intended to slow the path toward justice and peace. We pray that all parties involved in the conflict will take full responsibility for their actions and humbly pursue what all know to be the only just solution—an end to the Israeli occupation.

This month, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is kicking off events to mark 60 years of working alongside millions of Palestinian refugees. UNRWA is using the occasion to host academic and artistic events, launch new advocacy campaigns, and broaden its donor base. We thank God for the work of this vital agency and pray that countries around the world will continue to offer support.

On Saturday, President Jimmy Carter met with Christian leaders in Jerusalem and heard comments from Rev. Naim Ateek on the viability of the future Palestinian state and the importance of democracy for Palestine. We pray that President Carter’s trip to the region will help raise awareness about the current status of settlements and the rebuilding of Gaza. We praise God for all people who—like President Carter—work tirelessly for justice and peace.

Sabeel warmly welcomes 15 additional people to its governing board, called the General Assembly. We are grateful for the energy and new perspectives that these actively engaged people will contribute to Sabeel’s life and ministry.

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