Thursday, January 28, 2010

28/1/10 - English

Next month, Sabeel will host a three-day national clergy conference in Jericho for priests and pastors from Palestine and Israel. The clergy will be joined by Muslim religious leaders for one day of the conference. We pray that this will be a valuable time for building relationships across many divides: borders, denominations, and faiths. May these leaders return to their communities with new knowledge and energy for cooperation.

Israel is preparing to release its response to the UN’s Goldstone Report that found evidence of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity by Hamas and Israel during last year’s attack on Gaza. We pray that the world will think critically about whatever response is issued. May we honestly seek the truth.

Last week, East Jerusalem was rocked by violence between different family clans which Israeli police did little to resolve. We pray for the healing of the injured and for God’s comfort for the families and friends of the dead. It is our hope that there will be a day when all the people of Jerusalem have a government that is willing to ensure their basic security.

The annual international series of events known as “Israeli Apartheid Week” will be held next week in cities across the globe. Designed to educate people about the parallels between South African Apartheid and the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the events will highlight different responses to the injustice. We pray that this week can encourage people to act for justice and peace.

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