Thursday, June 17, 2010

17/6/10 - English

In the wake of the flotilla disaster, pressure to lift the siege on Gaza continues to grow from all over the world. We pray that against all odds, the rising tide of international consciousness and the spirit of nonviolence will prevail, and the blockade of Gaza will finally be lifted.

Today Sabeel celebrates the inauguration of Friends of Sabeel France. Friends in France have been active in the pursuit of justice and peace for years already, but today they become a registered organization. We thank God for their service and pray many more in France will be inspired to seek peace and pursue it.  

This week, Sabeel will be convening a regional workshop in Bethlehem for Christian and Muslim clergy to brainstorm ways of fostering mutual respect and understanding between our faith communities. We pray this initiative will encourage the Palestinian community to work together for a just peace.   

Today the Sabeel Study Circle will meet with Mark Braverman, a Jewish-American clinical psychologist who now devotes himself to the cause of peace in historic Palestine. We give thanks for committed people like Mark and their courageous witness for truth and peace, and we pray for God's blessings on their work.

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