Thursday, September 30, 2010

30/9/10 - English

Tensions continue in Jerusalem after an armed settler killed a Palestinian man in Silwan, IDF troops fired tear gas into a family home killing a 14 month old baby, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah were really Jewish owned, and the settlement freeze came to an end. You, O Christ, know the challenges of this ancient city, hear our prayers for peace with justice for all in Jerusalem.

We give thanks for the latest boat attempting to break the siege of Gaza, organized by Jewish activist for justice and peace. Alongside the South African University of Johannesburg students who are seeking to boycott Ben Gurion University for its complicity with the Israeli government and military forces, these actions remind us of the need for continued engagement in highlighting Israel's failure to live by international laws and norms of behavior. Lord, keep us strong and active and give us energy and encouragement in following your paths and walking in your ways.

As we begin to finalize the practical arrangements for the Eighth International Sabeel Conference in Bethlehem in February 2011, we pray for wisdom in finalizing the speakers and activities to interest, attract and inspire our friends around the world to join us.

In many towns and villages, festivals are being organized to help keep alive the history and life of the local community. This weekend we celebrate the life enhancing and humanity restoring resilience of the Palestinian people when, in an act of non-violent resistance to the occupation, local and international participants will come from far and near to celebrate the Taybeh Oktoberfest. Thanks be to God for friends and neighbors, for food and drink, for laughter and love to sustain us and encourage us.

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