Thursday, October 21, 2010

21/10/10 - English

We pray for all the Friends of Sabeel chapters around the world as they continue to educate, advocate and mobilize for a just peace in Palestine and Israel. We particularly pray that the regional conferences in the USA will have a strong impact on decision-makers in both religious and political circles in order to rectify the continuous wrongs and injustices in the area.

We continue to pray for the Jerusalem and West Bank communities where settler harrassment against the residents is rising. We are apalled at Israel’s arrogant decision to build 240 new housing units in Ramot and Pizgat Zeev in the Jerusalem area, in defiance of all diplomatic pressures for Israel to abide by moral and legal standards.

We hold in prayer the Jerusalem/Nazareth Sabeel’s Young Adult joint event in the Galilee, this week-end. The participants will, in addition to helping in the olive picking of the Sakhnin villagers, welcome   Nevine Nasrallah, the new Youth Coordinator, who is no stranger to  Sabeel since she got involved as a teenager, eleven years ago. May   God’s blessings encourage the young adults to serve as responsible citizens and peacebuilders.

ASHTAR Theatre in Palestine is mobilizing its long-built global artistic network to produce recitals of the Gaza Mono-logues with youth groups in 30 world cities in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and the USA. The campaign that started on October 17 will end at the United Nations in New York on November 29, Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Let us pray that drama and art will be able to achieve the just peace where politicians and decision-maker failed.

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