Thursday, August 11, 2011

11/8/11 - English

We invite you to come and meet the local Christian community in the occupied territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  The Friends of Sabeel Witness Visit is scheduled for 14-23 September, there is still place for you to come and join the group.  Experience the realities of the Palestinian community living under Israeli Occupation: the Wall, settlements, checkpoints, confiscated land and demolished homes, refugee camps, and environmental degradation.  Meet and reflect with Palestinian Christians and Muslims as well as with Jewish Israelis and internationals who partner with Sabeel in non-violent resistance to the breaking of international and humanitarian law.  We pray that those who will come and those who are considering this opportunity will be blessed by the experience.  Lord, in your mercy.  Hear our prayer. 

As the Palestinian people from Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, are working together on plans for a unified Palestine, we pray for their leadership during this process.  We pray for clear and wise direction of the leaders as they discern the right path to take.  As plans move forward for the recognition of Palestinian as a full member State of  the United Nations in September, we pray, O Lord, that Your will be done with peace, justice and reconciliation.  Lord, in your mercy.  Hear our prayer.

As the revolutions for democracy in the Arab countries continue in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria, we realize that the struggle for and process of democracy are not easy.  We pray that the revolutions will lead to freedom, democracy and human dignity of all of God’s children.  Lord, in your mercy.  Hear our prayer.

The Sabeel office will be closed the rest of August, we will resume full programming and the Wave of Prayer in September, thank you for your continued prayers.  We pray for Sabeel’s staff who are on vacation.   Lord, in your mercy.  Hear our prayer.

With the Prayer Cycle of the World Council of Churches, we pray for: New Zealand, Australia

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