Thursday, January 1, 2009

1/1/09 - English

We bring the situation in Gaza to the Lord in prayer. We pray for healing for the 1700 people injured in the assault, for comfort for the families of the 363 people killed, and for strength for the people who continue to face violence. We pray that Israel will stop its ruthless bombardment, that Hamas will refrain from retaliating violently, and that justice will prevail. We pray that expressions of solidarity in the West Bank and around the world will be well attended and remain peaceful.

We pray that the prayer service for Gaza called for by Sabeel and the National Coalition of Christian Organizations will be a sacred time for remembrance, comfort, and prayer. We pray that this gathering of Christians from all traditions on Sunday, January 4 at 5:00pm will be a powerful expression of unity and solidarity with the people of Gaza.

We pray that Friends of Sabeel around the globe will find meaningful ways of sharing with the world what is happening in Gaza. We pray for their courage to speak the truth in spite of popular misconceptions. We hope that the latest Sabeel statement on the situation [available on Sabeel’s website] will prove valuable.

We pray that the international community will pressure the Israeli government, Hamas, and other groups in power to bring a swift end to the current violence in Gaza. We praise God for the United Nations’ and other global leaders’ condemnations of the attack and hope that these statements will help lead to peace. We pray that this new year will see an international community committed to justice.

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