Thursday, January 29, 2009

29/1/09 - English

In this time of turmoil in Gaza and the West Bank, we pray for unity among the Palestinian people. We hope that as political in-fighting and external pressures threaten to split Palestinian society, Palestinians will stand together. We pray that Gazans, residents of the West Bank, Jerusalemites, and Palestinians within Israel will all remain committed to a just peace and to one another.

This winter has been very dry in Palestine and Israel. We pray that water will come to this land before the “rainy” season passes. Without enough rain, this summer will likely see increased tension over access to water lines, springs, and cisterns. As settlements gain control over water resources in the West Bank and Palestinian towns face water shortages, this dry winter threatens to further strain this tense land.

We pray for Sabeel’s Open Forum community program that is being held this week in Jerusalem. The topic is “The Narrow Gate to Peace” led by Rev. Naim Ateek. We pray that this program will be well received and will provide inspiration to the men and women of the Palestinian Christian community.   

We pray for the people of Sri Lanka, where fighting between paramilitary groups and government soldiers has put the civilian population at great risk. Nearly 250,000 people are trapped between rebel and government forces, journalists are regularly attacked, and civilians are mistreated by both sides. We pray that peace may come to the region quickly.

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