Thursday, July 9, 2009

9/7/09 - English

On Monday, the Israeli High Court of Justice extended the order preventing nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu from leaving Jerusalem, speaking with foreigners, or approaching foreign embassies. Recently, the court has also dropped charges against Israeli settlers videotaped beating Palestinians. Such incidents demonstrate the court’s deep flaws and its lack of power to stand up to Israeli political pressure. We pray for the establishment of a court system that respects all people equally.

This week the General Convention of the Episcopal Church is meeting in Anaheim, California. Several pieces of legislation related to Palestine/Israel will be discussed and brought up for votes. We praise God that these issues are being taken up at the denominational level and pray that, whatever the final form of the legislation, it will advocate for justice as the foundation for peace.

Next Monday, groups around the world will be taking actions to raise awareness of the home evictions and house demolitions being conducted by Israel in Palestine. In solidarity with residents of the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, and the Old City, activists will set up tents (the symbol of displaced Palestinians) outside of Israeli embassies in cities across the globe. We pray that these nonviolent protests will draw helpful attention to Israel’s policies of displacement.

We pray for inspiration and creativity for the young adults from Ramallah and Jerusalem who have recently volunteered to help in planning Sabeel’s young adult activities for the coming months. These activities bring together young Christians from various denominations to participate in Bible studies, lectures, and volunteer work.

This week we join with the World Council of Churches in praying for: Colombia, Ecuador,

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