Thursday, November 18, 2010

18/11/10 - English

We pray for political leaders in the United States, Israel, and Palestine as a 90 day construction “freeze” of settlements in the West Bank that are already illegal under international law goes to vote in the Israeli cabinet. In exchange for this short-term freeze that excludes East Jerusalem, the U.S. is offering massive concessions to Israel including no future settlement freezes, a commitment not to support any United Nations resolution recognizing Palestinian sovereignty, and an additional $3 billion in military aid. We lament that the U.S. appears blinded by short-term goals in making such an offer and pray that the peace process can move forward in a way that is just for the people of both sides.

This week we remember the children in Dbayeh, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon with a large Christian population, as they struggle to obtain a good education and break the cycle of poverty. We pray for Palestinian refugees all over the world, especially those who still struggle to build a life in refugee camps for over sixty years, and for a just solution. 

Yabous Productions recently won the prestigious 2010 Yasser Arafat Award for its work in reviving Palestinian popular culture in Jerusalem. We pray for artists all over Palestine who creatively and nonviolently resist the occupation through culture, and especially for Yabous as it strives “to give Jerusalem the ambience that reflects its historical, religious, political and cultural importance.” 

We hold the staff at Sabeel in prayer during this time of transition as several people in key roles end their time here. We pray for flexibility and guidance in filling these gaps as we continue the ministry of Sabeel.

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