Thursday, November 25, 2010

25/11/10 - English

On Sunday families visiting relatives in Israel’s Remon prison were assaulted by the guards after some of the women protested the way they were disrespectfully searched, injuring one wife and one mother of the prisoners. We pray for an end to this system of oppression and humiliation that has resulted in the detention of approximately 40% of the male Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza since 1967, not to mention women and children. We remember the families of prisoners who fear for their relatives’ safety and the possibility of future arrests, and pray for their safety as they become targets of violence. 

We pray for the “unrecognized villages,” Palestinian communities in Israel not recognized by the government who thereby do not receive any social services such as roads, water, education, etc. On Monday, the Bedouin village Al-Arakib was violently demolished for the 7th time in three months, while the Prime Minister’s Office blocked Tel Arad and Atir-Um al-Hiran from receiving official recognition in court. May this violence against the 76,000 people of the 45 unrecognized villages in the Negev come to an end and may they find justice in their non-violent struggle to stay on their land.

As the Advent Season begins this Sunday we pray for the world-wide church, that all who work for the Kingdom of God this new church year be filled with the joy of Christ that cannot be taken away and find strength to continue the journey of seeking peace with justice.

We pray for Sabeel’s Clergy Retreat this weekend in Taybeh. As priests come together from all over Israel and Palestine for this ecumenical gathering, we pray for the Holy Spirit  to enable all attendees to translate discussion of how to be a humble and hospitable disciple of Christ into action to best serve the community.

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