Thursday, July 15, 2010

15/7/10 - English

We give thanks for the growing movement of non-violent resistance in the West Bank and Jerusalem which is constantly challenging the Israeli occupation. It is also meeting increasingly violent tactics from the police and military forces. Last Friday in Sheikh Jarrah security forces kicked and hit protestors, including a former Israeli Attorney General. We pray for the safety and wellbeing of all who courageously challenge the occupation with non-violent tactics.

In the coming two weeks, forty young adults from Palestine and around the world will gather in Jerusalem to participate in the fifth annual Sabeel international Young Adult Conference: "From the Belly of the Whale: A Palestinian Christian Cry for Justice." May their time of pilgrimage and learning inspire them to pursue peace with justice in Palestine and Israel and in all conflicts wherever they may be in the world.

More and more churches are understanding that it is necessary to see justice applied to the situation here before we can progress to peace and reconciliation. There is substantial criticism now being made of the policies of Israel and pressure is mounting on the social and political leadership. We give thanks for these winds of change around the world and pray for energy, enthusiasm and imagination for all the movements and individuals who devote themselves to freedom for the Palestinian people.

Ahlan wa Sahlan is the traditional welcoming greeting here. And it is heartily meant to all who come and visit. In the first half of the year over 1000 people have visited Sabeel to hear about this ministry and what it means to live as a Palestinian under occupation. We give thanks for this interest and ask for prayers as we prepare for and seek interested people to participate in the Sabeel Witness Visit in October 2010 and the eighth international conference in February 2011.

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