Thursday, July 22, 2010

22/7/10 - English

40 youth from 12 countries worshipped in the church of All Nations at Gethsemane to open Sabeel’s 5th International Young Adult Conference. They will meet with local people, undertake volunteer work and learn about life today in this place. We pray for their openness to learn and that they may build positive and long lasting relationships.

The summer holiday season is here. We give thanks for all who will have a chance to refresh body and soul in these weeks. We pray also for those in the West Bank and Gaza who have no chance to get away because of the imprisonment of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation regime.

It does not receive the publicity of Jerusalem, but the UN has noted an increase in demolitions in the Jordan valley. Earlier this week, Israel began removing over 20 farm buildings and tents in the Al-Farisiya area, aimed at expanding settlement outposts in the northern Jordan Valley. Hear our prayer, O God, for the families and communities affected by these demolitions.

The Olympia Food Co-Op in the home town of Rachel Corrie in Washington State, USA recently decided to boycott Israel products in protest against the continuing Israeli occupation. We give thanks for courageous moves by principled groups who see the moral imperative that goes beyond financial concern.

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