Friday, October 7, 2016

English 6/10/2016

The Israeli navy is preparing to face the two all-women boats heading towards Gaza. The purpose of this journey is to raise awareness about the blockade of Gaza, to bring necessary supplies for the people and to break the ten-year-old siege of the Gaza Strip. The boats, which are part of the Freedom Flotilla Alliance, are expected to arrive in Gaza this Thursday.

•           Lord, the children of Gaza are waiting with impatience to greet the boats and their heroic crew at the besieged harbors. We pray for the safety of the women peacemakers who, risking their safety, set sail to our troubled land to remind us that we are not alone. Lord in your mercy…

Palestinian Muslim religious leaders are urging Palestinians to increase their presence at the Al Aqsa Mosque in light of the intensification of Israel’s measures during the upcoming Jewish holidays.  Extremist Jews and far-right Zionists continue to violate the terms of entry of Islams’ third holiest site provoking the Palestinian community as a whole.
•           Lord, there is no peace in your city Jerusalem. Our olive trees are uprooted, roads are blocked, homes are demolished, children are arrested and the sites we call holy have become battle grounds. Our hearts are weary from the Israeli military occupation. We pray Lord for your peace to wash over our land. Lord in your mercy…

Both the Muslim and the Jewish New Year holidays coincide this week. Many Jews are visiting Jerusalem to pray at the Western Wall and unite with family members. Israel has imposed a full military closure on the movement of Palestinians resulting with our people being trapped behind checkpoints and the apartheid wall. Families are divided and mosques in Jerusalem are almost empty.

•           Lord, the discrimination is clear and the powerful have no mercy. We ask you Lord to inspire the world to say enough to injustice. May the world act strongly to put an end to the Israeli military occupation that deprives us from our rights. Lord in your mercy…

Friends of Sabeel-Germany are hosting a meeting in Stuttgart for the leaders of Friends of Sabeel in Europe. The two day meetings will enable European friends of Sabeel to pray together and reflect on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

•           Lord, we thank you for the blessings of our committed friends around the world and especially in Europe. We pray for fruitful results of our meetings and the fellowship that will be strengthened. Our journey towards justice is made easier by our Simons of Cyrene. Lord in your mercy

·         We join the World Council of Churches in prayer for the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia. Lord in your mercy…

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