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English 01/06/2017

Sabeel Wave of Prayer
June 1st, 2017

Palestinian political prisoners ended a 40-day hunger strike after the Israeli prison service agreed to meet most of their just and rightful demands.
·         Lord, we confess that we could have done more to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners as they demanded their basic rights. We give thanks for the amazing steadfastness of the prisoners as they hungered and thirsted for justice through nonviolence. 
Lord, in your mercy...
hear our prayer…
This week, our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, Israel, and around the world started observing the holy month of Ramadan.
·         Lord of all, we remember our Muslim brothers and sisters as they begin to observe the holy month of Ramadan.  We pray that this time of fasting will draw them closer to you, to each other and to all your children.
Lord, in your mercy…
On Saturday, 15,000 Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv to protest the Israeli military occupation of Palestine. The demonstrators called for an end to occupation that denies the right to self determination for the Palestinians. 
·         Lord, we thank you for people of all nationalities, in Israel and around the world, who stand up for peace and call for justice. This protest is a sign of hope that there are large numbers of Israelis who are willing to speak out against the actions of their government and military. We pray that they will be able to remain steadfast and continue to stand for justice.
ord, in your mercy…
In 2008, the Protestant Church in the Netherlands made a decision to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people suffering under injustice. The Church is also committed to maintaining an unbreakable bond with the Jewish people. This year marks 50 years of Israel’s illegal military occupation of the state of Palestine. Our friends in Kairos-Sabeel Netherlands request our prayers for their activities advocating freedom for the Palestinian people.

·         Merciful God, we pray that the Dutch Protestant Church will use words and actions to give hope to the people in Palestine. May the Church be brave enough to act on its resolutions and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. May the leaders of the church speak truth with courage about the injustice inflicted against the people of Palestine. Dear God, bless the work of our friends in the Kairos-Sabeel Netherlands movement as they commit to work for reconciliation in Palestine and Israel based on a just peace.
Lord, in your mercy…
In Egypt, Last Friday, masked gunmen opened fire on buses carrying Coptic Christians as they were heading to St. Samuel Monastery in Sinai to pray. The gunmen killed 30 worshipers, mainly children, and injured many others.

·         Lord, fear has found a home in our hearts as the demons of evil and extremism continue to steal the lives of your followers. We pray for comfort and peace to the families and friends of these martyrs. Dear God, give sight to our neighbours who are blinded by hatred. We believe that you are the way the truth and the life, and that you have the power to cast away the demons that haunt us.
Lord, in your mercy…

We join the World Council of Churches in praying for the countries of Angola and Mozambique.

·         Lord, in your mercy…

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