Wednesday, May 24, 2017

English 25/05/2017

Sabeel Wave of Prayer
May 25th,2017
Last Sunday, the Israel prison service evacuated 60 hunger-striking Palestinian political prisoners to hospitals because their medical condition had deteriorated. The Israeli prison service has also moved 592 hunger strikers to infirmaries set up in the prisonsfor observation.
·         Lord, we give thanks for the steadfastness of the Palestinian prisoners and their faithfulness to non-violence. Hear our prayers Lord as we continue to recite ‘‘One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” in our daily prayers.
Leader: Lord in your mercy
People: Hear our prayers
Gaza’s electricity crisis has become acute and is going to get worse if no immediate solution is found. This came in a statement released on Friday by The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to the occupied Palestinian territories.  Gaza has been experiencing a severe electricity crisis since mid-April after its only power plant stopped operating due to shortage of funds for its fuel. Both Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority continue to trade accusations on who is to be blamed.
·         Lord, Gaza is in darkness and our Palestinian political leadership is unable to see our suffering. We pray for an end to the Palestinian divisions and for the accountability of our leadership. God, grant our Palestinian people the power and a way to shout ENOUGH.
Lord in your mercy…
Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are being deprived of their most basic need - access to water - as the Israeli national water company Mekorot restricts the water supply to villages and towns in the northern West Bank.
·         Lord, many thirst and feelweak. We demand our rights from our neighbours who continue to steal our water and deprive us from our basic rights. The people ask “Where is your justice Lord?” butour Church leaders remain silent. Lord in your mercy…
US President Donald Trumpis visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem to seek ways to restart talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government.Trump spoke of a "rare opportunity" to bring peace to the region as he landed in Tel Aviv on Monday.
·         Lord, we have faith you will suffice us, you are our best guardian and trustee.  We pray for your spirit that works in mysterious ways to bring hope in this situation of hopelessness.  Give us the faith to believe that the kings and the powerful of this world will bow to your will of justice and respect the weak and oppressed.
Lord in your mercy…

·         We join the World Council of Churches in praying for the countries ofthe Indian Ocean Islands: Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles.
Lord in your mercy…

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