Tuesday, March 13, 2018

English 15/3/2018

Sabeel Wave of Prayer
March 15th,  2018

The Israeli parliament has passed a law that allows the minister of interior, Aryeh Deri,  to revoke the residency rights of any Palestinian in Jerusalem on grounds of "breach of loyalty" to Israel. Under the new measure, Deri, will be able to strip the residency of any Palestinian whom he deems a threat.
·         Lord, help us remain loyal and faithful only to your commandment of love, justice and equality. We pray for Jerusalem and its people, we especially pray for the change of heart of the Israeli decision makers to abandon their terrorizing ways to silence our cry for freedom. Lord in your mercy…Hear our Prayers

Israeli forces have arrested Omar Kiswani, president of the student council at Birzeit University, near Ramallah. Online video footage showed six Israeli special forces, dressed in civilian clothing, pinning Kiswani to the ground, kicking and beating him while firing gunshots on campus.
·         Lord, we pray for our Palestinian schools and universities who continue to operate under the harsh reality of occupation. We remember all Palestinian students who are currently in the Israeli military jails for committing no other sin, but the sin of having dreams of a better future. Lord in your mercy….  

Last week, Sabeel Nazareth held a one day workshop on the challenges that women face in society and Church. Also Sunday, Sabeel Jerusalem held a one day educational visit for women from Jerusalem to the North of the West Bank for the purpose of networking with their sisters.
·         Lord, we give thanks to all the women of the world who refuse to give up hope for change in structures that have placed them on the margins of the community. Lord, the women gave testimony to your resurrection, that the impossible has occurred, and we all believed.  Dear God, help the world put an end to the obstacles it creates for women so that they may enjoy equal rights. Lord in your mercy…

Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian feminist, human rights activist and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, is being held in an Israeli military Jail, for over eight months, without charge or trial.  Khalida is currently tutoring 10 Palestinian female prisoners and preparing them for the General Certificate of Education.
·         Lord, we give thanks for the determination of our Palestinian people as they pursue their right for education. May the Israeli military comprehend that they can only hold our bodies captive, while our minds and spirits are already liberated. Lord in your mercy…

In the Gaza Strip, teenager Hussam Qasim, 16, made his own drum set using basic iron and plastic materials. Qasim overcame many challenges despite the difficult conditions his family is facing. Hussam’s story is a source of hope in the midst of hopelessness. The Gaza Strip’s deteriorating humanitarian conditions are causing an increase in cases of suicide among young people.
·         Lord, we continue to pray for Gaza and its people. May your spirit, provide the enclave of Gaza with more springs of hope. We pray especially for the teenagers of Gaza who are in desperate need to experience justice and peace. Lord in your mercy…

In Jerusalem, the Israeli Ministry of Interior has drastically increased its hostile policies towards East Jerusalem residents. Many Palestinians wait months to schedule an appointment and waste valuable resources on dealing with the added bureaucracy.
·         Lord, we give thanks for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in East Jerusalem and pray for an end to the hostility shown to them. May our people continue to be resilient to the Israeli harassment and overcome the tyranny of the powerful. Lord in your mercy…

·         We join the World Council of Churches in praying for the countries of  Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Lord in your mercy

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