Friday, December 4, 2015

3/12/2015 English

           Oh, City of Jerusalem, as I walk by your grieving streets and empty roads, my heart weeps. The livelihood of Jerusalem is no longer there.  The people are afraid and the Old City is silent with the abandonment of her children.  Please, God,  bring peace to the city.  Give it back its glory, its life.  Let the Jerusalem wall melt the eyes of hatred and enmity and replace fear and hatred with an atmosphere of reconciliation amongst all who live there.                                                              
Lord, in your mercy...........

           God of Mercy, the occupation takes its daily toll on all who live here, but perhaps the people who are most deeply affected are the mothers and women who not only feel the responsibility of nurturing and care for families and children, but also, because of the ongoing oppression , feel the burden of trying to raise a generation whose hearts are not blackened by hatred, anger and despair.  Lord, we give you thanks for Palestinian women, and especially mothers.  We are inspired by their example and we pray that you continue to strengthen them with your love, hope and presence.

      Lord, as the Climate Summit gets underway this week in France, we are reminded to pray for all of your creation. Pope Francis, in his encyclical, “Laudato Si’,” (Praise Be to You) challenged us with the responsibility of caring for, protecting, overseeing and preserving Your creation.  Here in Palestine and Israel, we sometimes forget that the occupation has also caused great damage to the land and the environment and not just the people. The Wall has destroyed agricultural land on both sides, thousands of olive trees have been uprooted and damaged, the West Bank is being used as a “garbage dump” for Israeli waste.  Your creation groans under the weight of occupation, waiting also to be liberated and restored.  Help us to make decisions that protect all that you have given us.                                                                                                     
Lord, in your mercy………….

                                  Lord, we have entered the Season of Advent,  and  as the first candle was lit this past Sunday,             we were reminded of the hope of your coming and the hope that we hold in our hearts for                     justice and peace, here and around the world.  We ask special prayers for Sabeel’s Advent                   program on December 8 as the women travel to the town of Taybeh, outside of Ramallah, for             a time of reflection at the Latin Church, followed by a visit to the Home for the Elderly. May               your hope and love be felt by all who take part.                                                                                                                     
Lord, in your mercy...........

                                We pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of  Liberia and Sierra                     Leone.     Lord, in your mercy...........

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