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28/1/2016 English

Sabeel Wave of Prayer
January 28th, 2016

Winter has made itself felt this last week, with continual rain, wind, snow, and cold temperatures. These weather patterns not only affect the daily lives of those who must cross through checkpoints and walk to work, but it has also prevented shipments of gas coming into Israel. This has caused a shortage in both Gaza and the West Bank, with many families being unable to heat their homes during this icy season.
God of earth and sky, while we pray for respite from the storms of winter, we also know that this rain benefits the land. Please help those whose homes have been demolished, and all those who are suffering from the cold, to find warmth as we look forward to the spring.

Lord, in your mercy…

The condition of Mohammad al Qeq, a Palestinian reporter being held in administrative detention, continues to worsen, with doctors saying that he is near death. Mohammad has been on a hunger strike for 63 days, to protest his detention without trial. Israel has yet to formally charge him with any wrongdoing, and yet also refuses to negotiate with him. 
Lord of mercy, we cry out for the injustices to end. We pray for all people to be treated with dignity and compassion, and for all wrongdoings to be made right.

Lord, in your mercy…

Israel has approved construction of 153 new residential units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Additionally, Israel has appropriated about 380 acres of Palestinian agricultural land in the Jordan Valley, near Jericho.
Lord of justice, again we struggle to hold onto any small fragment of hope that this occupation will cease. As the settlements grow and the land for a future Palestinian state shrinks, our belief that things will change shrinks with it. Give us the courage to continue hoping, even when it feels like all hope is lost.

Lord, in your mercy…

Sabeel has an upcoming witness visit from May 10th to May 18th. . These trips serve to educate international visitors about the reality on the ground for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.
God, we thank you for individuals who are hungry to know more about what the situation is really like here in Palestine. Allow their eyes and ears to be open to experiencing your presence while here.

Lord, in your mercy…

We pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, and Tunisia.

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