Sunday, May 29, 2016

English 19/5/2016

This past week, 25 international Friends of Sabeel have been participating in the Sabeel Spring Witness Visit.  For some, this is their first visit to Palestine-Israel; for others this is one of many visits to the area.  All have had their eyes opened and hearts broken by what they have seen and heard.  They were asked to share some of their concerns in this week’s Wave of Prayer.  Please join us in prayer for the following:

Some were moved by personal stories.
Lord, we lift in prayer Imad Abu Shamsieh and his family, who are being attacked for taking the video of the young man who was shot by the IDF soldier in Hebron; Abed, a shopkeeper in the Old City of Hebron who is one of the few Palestinians who has been able to keep his shop open;  Bassam and his wife and 3 children, Sham, Amir and Lamar who reside in Al Aroub refugee camp; Ahmed, a young boy in Hebron who recently lost his father and is now the breadwinner of the family; Hedy Epstein, 91 years old who lost her family in the Holocaust and is near death.  Hedy participated in 2 Gaza flotillas and has been estranged from her family for her pro Palestinian advocacy.
Lord, in your mercy…

Some were moved by their visit to the refugee camps.
Lord, we know of your love and concern for all people who are suffering.  We especially lift up those who have lost their homes and their way of life.  We pray for refugees, not just here in Palestine, but for refugees all over the world.  We pray for living conditions that are clean and healthy, for continued opportunities for education and nurture.  But, most importantly, we pray that they will one day be able to return to the homes and countries they’ve been forced to leave.
Lord, in your mercy…

Some were moved by the overwhelming injustice that they witnessed.
Lord, we pray for all those who have been the victims of land loss or who are struggling to keep their homes and livelihood.  We think especially of the Bedouins in the Negev who have had their villages demolished; of the Nassar family and the Tent of Nations where we witnessed Palestinian sumud, the steadfast hope that refuses to give up; of families throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank who have had their homes demolished and their lives destroyed.  We pray that these acts of injustice will end and that peace will come to the land.
Lord, in your mercy…

Lord, we also ask that your spirit of inclusion, justice and love guide those who are attending the United Methodist General Conference being held in Portland, Oregon from May 10 - 20.  Many decisions are being made, including justice issues relating to Israel and Palestine, that will impact the future of the denomination.  In the midst of differing opinions, may there be a witness of love for you and for one another.
Lord, in your mercy… 

Lord,  We thank you for the ministry being done by Sabeel Nazareth:  for their recent women’s program of eyewitness accounts from the Nakba and for their continued sharing with groups from around the world.  We also ask your blessing on this Friday’s annual clergy and spouse gathering at the International Marie de Nazareth Center in Nazareth sponsored by Sabeel Jerusalem.  This annual time together is an opportunity for clergy and their wives from Israel and Palestine to exchange post-Easter greetings and to reconnect with Rev. Naim Ateek as he shares Sabeel’s future plans.  May this be a time of renewal and encouragement for all who attend.
Lord, in your mercy…

We pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of Kenya and Tanzania.

Lord, in your mercy…

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