Thursday, August 24, 2017

English 24/08/2017

Sabeel Wave of Prayer
August 24th, 2017

The impact of the Gaza electricity crisis on people’s access to water is life threatening. The current crisis is caused by Israel’s decision to cut electricity supplies to Gaza by 40 per cent, at the request of the Palestinian National Authority. The Palestinian Authority and the Hamas Government in Gaza are in dispute over who should pay the electricity bills.
·         Lord, we hold the people of Gaza in our prayers. May your spirit bring justice to the people on the margins who suffer at the hands of the powerful decision makers. Guide us Lord to continue to work to end the injustice and hold Israel responsible for the people they hold under siege. Give us courage to challenge both the leadership in Ramallah and Gaza who have failed to bring unity. 
Leader: Lord in your mercy….
People: Hear our prayers
According to a study released, the husbands of 38% of female cancer patients in Gaza file for divorce. The reasons for divorce varies from thinking that cancer is contagious, the high cost of cancer treatment or fear from the side effects of cancer on their wives body.
·         Lord, women deserve better. We pray with indignation for your enlightenment for the many men in Gaza who lost their humanity. Help us Lord to courageously diagnose the deadliest disease of ignorance, hardheartedness and all attitudes and actions that dehumanize women.
Lord in your mercy… 
This Monday, the Israeli army destroyed a child daycare center close to Al Azarieh suburb of Jerusalem. The daycare was a project funded by a number of European governments as support to the Palestinian local community. 
·         Lord, the Israeli government continues to attack our villages and towns with the intention to destroy every sign of hope. We pray for an end to this occupation that nourishes hatred and violence. We give thanks for the nonviolent resistance among Palestinians, Israelis and internationals that work for justice and peace and plants hope in the community.
Lord in your mercy…      
This week marks the beginning of the new school-year. It cheers the heart to see the hopeful faces of the school children as they go back to their school benches. 
·         We pray that this year will be a peaceful one, and that the children will be able to reach their schools safely and without delays, despite the obstacles in their way: the wall, the checkpoints, the searches, the gates and the closures.
Lord in your mercy...
The Ramallah Annual Summer Festival, is an event that revives an old tradition and celebrates Ramallah’s history through various city venues and public places. This year’s festival was a great success that uplifted the spirit of the Palestinian people.
·         Lord, we give thanks for all the musicians and dancers who use their gifts to draw a smile on Palestinian faces. We pray for the safe journey back home for the international artists who participated in the festival. We ask for your spirit to protect and foster the numerous artists in Palestine.
Lord in your mercy…         

·         We join the World Council of Churches in praying for the countries of  Liberia, Sierra Leone .  Lord, in your mercy…

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